Ripped apart and torn to shreds

she bows her head and goes to bed

Listless life with nothing more

she turns herself into a whore

Her body’s beauty he stamps out

And when she looks at him he shouts:

“Worthless girl so full of shame

You’re the one who is to blame.”

He smacks and beats her to a pulp

until she loses all her hope

She lives in fear and misery

for fear that she cannot be free

Empty life and empty soul

It’s not enough, he wants more

She bares it all in hopes that he

will someday see who she can be

But nothing satisfies this pain

All for loss and none for gain

Shameful girl lift up your head

Alas my friend you are NOT dead

There is one who sees what you can’t believe.

One whose pain was for your gain

One who went to Calvary

to break the chains and set you free

So remove your woeful frock of shame

and take up victory as your name.


–Cheylly Purch